Sen. Paul Bettencourt, Crime Stoppers of Houston discuss ‘Caitlynne’s’ bill in honor of woman killed by husband

Police said the man was out of jail due to a PR bond.

HOUSTON – Senator Paul Bettencourt and Crime Stoppers of Houston held a press conference on “Caitlynne’s” bill filing on Personal Recognizance Bonds (PR bonds) Monday. Introduced by Bettencourt, the bill focuses on a growing public safety issue. The bill would prevent defendants from release on multiple PR bonds.

The press conference started at 10 a.m. at the Crime Stoppers of Houston Building and included several community leaders/officials.

The press conference comes nearly two years after pregnant Pasadena mom Caitlynne Infinger Guajardo was allegedly killed by her husband, who was out of jail due to a PR bond.

Police said Alex Guajardo, 22, had just been released from jail on a personal recognizance bond after he was accused of killing the family cat and hitting his wife in the face. Police said the man admitted to killing his wife, stabbing her nearly 20 times.

Caitlynne was found inside the apartment with several stab wounds, including multiple to her abdomen and one to her throat, police said.

“Too many of our citizens have become victims of violent crime by habitual offenders who are continually released back to the community often on multiple PR bonds,” said Crime Stoppers of Houston CEO Rania Mankarious.

“Obviously your world stops, you go numb the pain is unimaginable. She was not just my daughter she was my best friend,” said Caitlynne’s mother, Melanie Infinger.

Officials said the bill would prohibit magistrates from releasing defendants on a PR bond for offenses committed while out on an existing PR bond or on a felony offense when two or more other felony charges are pending.

According to Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers, since 2018, 90 victims have been killed in Harris County by defendants released on various PR and low-dollar felony bonds.

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