HPD: At least 8 people hit by car at Fiesta Mart in south Houston

HOUSTON – Houston police are investigating a major crash Saturday afternoon at a Fiesta Market in south Houston.

Officials said at least eight people were struck by the vehicle at 9420 Cullen Boulevard. Around 3 p.m., a gold SUV drove through the front windows and traveled through the store, according to HPD.

The injured people were transported to local hospitals. The youngest victim was 9 years old while the oldest was in their mid-30s.

HPD said the most significant injury suffered was a head injury and that person is expected to survive.

Jhannee Armstead was getting her nails done nearby when the crash happened and rushed over to help.

“I actually didn’t know that a car went through until someone told me but I was more focused the lady that was laying down on the ground, face down and I just saw blood all over the ground,” Armstead said.

All victims are expected to recover.

The driver is in custody and was showing signs of impairment.

“The driver was showing signs of impairment on the scene. He has since been transported, and they are conducting DWI investigation,” said Houston Police Commander Kevin Deese.

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