Family fed up with intruders breaking into their home in southwest Houston

HOUSTON – A Houston family was forced to install surveillance cameras and put up “No Trespassing” signs throughout their vacant home after intruders kept making themselves at home.

Sara Florida said on Jan. 13 they were notified by neighbors that several people were breaking in and stealing items from their house. She said the intruders took about $35,000 worth of equipment stored inside the home, which is currently being remodeled.

“We’re missing all kinds of construction equipment like tools, appliances and kitchen cabinetry. We’re missing a lot of things out of the garage,” said Florida.

The family reported the problem to the Houston Police Department, who were able to arrest a woman found inside. She was eventually released though because Florida said the Harris County District Attorney’s Office said there wasn’t enough evidence to show she broke in.

“The DA said well if we don’t have proof that they broke in then we can’t charge them. I said well there’s still somebody inside my house that doesn’t belong here,” said Florida. “So the officers told us you need to set up videos and set up no trespassing signs.”

Florida set up the cameras shortly after and caught the intruders on video coming through a window. They plan to turn that video over to HPD later this week once an investigator is assigned to their case.

They hope it will be enough to have the intruders arrested and charged.

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