Local experts agree with double masking, some residents not on board

KATY, Texas – To double-mask or not to double-mask? That is the suggestion.

White House adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci gave new guidance Monday that one of the best ways to curb the spread of COVID-19 is to go from wearing one mask to two.

How are people across the Houston-area embracing the new suggestion?

“Working with one mask is bad enough,” said Rick Rodriguez, of Katy. “But two masks? No.”

Some want more evidence that two masks will make a difference.

“If they have scientific proof that they can show me that it actually is and there’s no repercussions or any kind of side effects on my part for me wearing a mask,” Paul Morrow said.

One woman we came across in Katy said there could be a compromise.

“Maybe we need to produce some masks that have a little bit more layers,” Virginia Weigel said. “But not so much thickness, but a little more filtration perhaps.”

But medical professionals are welcoming the new guidance.

“I think what he said does make sense,” Dr. Catherine Troisi said.

Troisi is an epidemiologist specializing in infectious diseases at UT Health. She said two masks would not have to be worn at all times -- just in what she termed as “high-risk” situations.

“When you’re at the grocery store, when you’re where there are more people around if you’re traveling,” she said. “If you’re at the doctor’s office it’s probably a good idea.”

Dr. Sarfraz Aly with Oakbend Medical Center would concur. He added it’s not just about the number of masks but the most effective ones.

“People need to wear the right mask and a good mask,” Safraz said. “And if it means layering it up I agree it might be helpful in transmission, in decreasing the transmission.”

Both experts said regardless of whether we wear one mask or two, we likely will have to wear them well into the fall -- partly because so much uncertainty is attached to the new variants that are appearing.

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