‘I hope you can’t sleep at night’: Deputy in garage sale deadly shooting case speaks out

HOUSTON – On January 25, 2019, which is two years to the day, 29-year-old Elizabeth Barraza was shot in her front yard while setting up for a garage sale. Detectives working her case haven’t given up and hope you can help turn this murder mystery into a murder conviction.

Last week, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office released a new video in the case.

“We are hoping that someone will see this. Hopefully, they have a heavy heart and know something, they want to come back and tell us what they know,” said Harris County Sheriff’s Office Deputy, Wallace Wyatt.

The new video captured from a neighbor’s nest doorbell shows the suspect drive past the house, turn around, come back, and park their vehicle. The suspect then gets out to approach Barraza, while in boots, a nightgown dress, or muumuu and possibly wearing a wig.

“The murderer approaches Liz, Liz says, ‘Hello,’ then notices the person has a gun in their hand and reacts by flinching backward… And then [the suspect] shoots Liz three times, steps over her and shoots her again in the head,” said Wyatt.

Then Wyatt says the suspect ran back to their dark-colored four-door Nissan Frontier and drove off.

“About two minutes later, the suspect drives back to look at their work, seeing what they’ve done, to make sure Liz is dead.

Wyatt has this message for the killer.

“I hope you can’t sleep at night and that you know we are never going to stop looking for Liz’s murderer, there is no time limit on this case,” said Wyatt.

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