Ask 2 Traffic: What is recycled asphalt?

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Question: What is recycled asphalt?

Answer: After speaking with The Texas Department of Transportation, reclaimed asphalt pavement, or RAP for short, is defined as salvaged, milled, pulverized, broken or crushed asphalt pavement. There’s also recycled asphalt shingle or RAS, which is defined as processed asphalt shingle material from the manufacturing of asphalt roofing shingles or from re-roofing residential structures. TxDOT uses RAP and RAS in their hot mix asphalt. The maximum allowable percentages of RAP or RAS vary depending on the hot mix types. Usually, 5% of RAP is recycled engine oil, so it is a great solution to repurpose a material that would otherwise be considered a pollutant. Therefore, TxDOT tries to repurpose/reuse materials as much as possible as it continues to be their effort to be good stewards of the environment while also saving taxpayers’ dollars.


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