MacKenzie Scott gift to Houston YMCAs leads to pay bump for some frontline employees

YMCA of Greater Houston cover photo (YMCA of Greater Houston/Facebook)

HOUSTON – The YMCA of Greater Houston announced Thursday that it will increase the minimum pay for all full-time and part-time associates.

The starting minimum pay is $15 an hour for full-time associates and $10 an hour for part-time associates, according to a news release.

Stephen Ives, president and CEO of YMCA of Greater Houston said in a statement the initiative was a result of a generous gift received from MacKenzie Scott, who donated $18 million to the organization last year.

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“Our intention is to increase equity and inclusion starting with ourselves, and this entry level wage adjustment is just one of the ways we are taking action internally,” Ives added.

The YMCA will also use their $18 million gift to sustain efforts and to assist with other initiatives to fight inequality, address food insecurity and inspire youth to thrive.

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