Company surprises Houston families by paying mortgage bills

HOUSTON – Envoy Mortgage of Houston surprised three families in the Houston area by picking up their mortgage bills.

The company says it’s a way to give back and say thank you to front line workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

With fellow Houston firefighters and his family by his side, Josue Rios was given a huge surprise live on the Today Show.

“Every mortgage payment from now until the end of 2021 is now free and clear,” said the Today Show host.

To show appreciation, Envoy Mortgage paid an entire year’s worth of the family’s mortgage. Rios was thankful and humbled by the gift.

“Not something we’re looking for at all, we’re here to get our hands dirty and it’s what everyone here in the Houston fire department does every day,” Rios said.

Lakeisa Vercher is a nursing home assistant at the Woodbridge Nursing Home.

Envoy Mortgage surprised her and her two sons out of their home with a check for one month of her mortgage bill.

“I’m relieved. I’m relieved, very relieved,” Vercher said.

She said it’s been really hard during the pandemic.

“Really stressful not having an adequate amount of staff that we need and picking up a lot of overtime and half the staff was positive,” Vercher said.

Jenny Timberlake is a special education teacher at Lamar Consolidated Independent School District. She too will not have to worry about a month’s mortgage payment thanks to Envoy.

“I really try to have the most for my children and my family and so this is huge, especially after Christmas,” Timberlake said.

“Because we deal with people’s financial situations, we see the trials they go through on paper and to be able to give this to a family is incredible,” said James Beaver with Envoy Mortgage.

Houston was the first market to kick off the program. Envoy Mortgage will select 50 of its customers from across the country January - June 2021 to receive one month’s mortgage payment up to $3,000 per household.