‘Be patient’: Pharmacies, private facilities work to administer coronavirus vaccine as demand outpaces supply

SUGAR LAND, Texas – More vaccines are on their way to Southeast Texas as the pandemic continues to rage across the country.

Vaccination appointments through the city of Houston are fully booked for the rest of January. However, other private facilities are offering the vaccine.

“There are a lot of people wanting the vaccine,” said said Dr. Ryan Umeh, manager of DeliverIt Pharmacy. “Right now, we are doing the best we can and making sure everyone is getting vaccinated.”

Deliverit Pharmacy in Sugar Land is one of the dozens of places where you can get the coronavirus vaccine in the Houston area.

“It’s a big responsibility,” Umeh said. “There are a lot of people depending on us to make sure that we get them vaccinated.”

Like many other facilities, they’re out of stock, but they’re expecting another shipment next week. Those doses have already been allocated. However, Umeh recommends people reach out to selected providers to schedule an appointment or to get on a waitlist.

“I honestly believe the more providers that are providing the vaccine the better,” Umeh said. “We need to get this vaccine disseminated into the community as best as possible.”

Below is a list from the Texas Department of State Health Services that shows where the vaccine is being sent during the fourth week of distribution.

There are hundreds of providers in our state, including dozens in our area. Some have the vaccine in stock, others do not. However, more shipments are on their way.

“So just be patient,” Umeh said. “We are going to get to everybody. We promise, and we are here to serve the community.”

Click here to view a map that shows all COVID-19 vaccine providers that have received a vaccine shipment in Texas.

To schedule an appointment to receive the vaccine at DeliverIt Pharmacy, click here.

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