Where’s my stimulus? Here’s where you can track the status of your payment


HOUSTON – The newly approved $600 stimulus checks started depositing in Americans’ bank accounts on Dec. 30, but many said they have yet to receive payment and are still waiting.

According to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, payments are still being dispersed. The IRS launched its Get My Payment application Monday to help those who haven’t received their stimulus check track their status.

According to the IRS website, Get My Payment will let you confirm the following:

  • That the government sent your second Economic Impact payment, also known as a stimulus payment.
  • That the government sent your first payment. Some people received their first Economic Impact Payment in partial payments. If you received partial payments, the application will show only the most recent.
  • Your payment type: direct deposit or mail.

You can check the status at irs.gov/coronavirus/get-my-payment.

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