Local pharmacies, health experts working to ensure more people receive COVID-19 vaccine

HOUSTON – With a fresh start to the new year, more and more people are trying to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Several facilities and clinics are working to help people get vaccinated.

“We are the only pharmacy in town we serve Bacliff and San Leon along with a part of Bayview and Kemah,” said Joe Sullivan, who owns the Sullivan Pharmacy and Gifts in Bacliff.

Sullivan spent five days in the hospital battling COVID-19. He came back to work earlier dedicated to making sure people in his community got their first shot.

“Our phones have been ringing off the wall and nearly every call is about getting a vaccine,” he said.

Sullivan said they received 400 doses of the Moderna vaccine and appointments are already filling up fast. About 40 people have received their first shot.

“The response I think has been fantastic as for the public wanting to get the vaccine, I think they understand,” he said.

The Harris County Public Health Authority received a similar response.

“We have received a vaccine allocation initially of 3,000 and we pretty much used those allocations. We are hopeful to get a second allotment from the state,” said Dr. Sherri Onyingo with Harris County Public Health.

Onyingo said their efforts have been focused on priority populations.

“Individuals who are in 1A which is the healthcare workers and then those individuals who are in Group 1B who are 65 and above and 16 and above with underlying health conditions,” she said.

The new year already giving others hope that we can put an end to COVID-19.

“The vaccine is a very important tool that we have in the toolbox it does not replace the fact that we need to practice those thee W’s, which is wearing our mask, washing our hands and watching our distance and limiting large gatherings,” Onyingo said.

The Harris County Public Health officials are waiting for their next allotment.