Wharton County family’s home destroyed by fire days after Christmas

A Wharton County family is left devastated after a fire destroyed their home only days after Christmas.

“I heard the kids say house fire, get some water. So I came out and said what’s going on. They said, ‘Mom, the house is on fire. Get out,’” said Theresa Reyes.

The family said the fire started late Monday night in the second story of their home and quickly spread destroying everything.

Reyes, her husband and six children that are between 6 and 19 years old rushed out of the home, left with only the clothes on their back.

“There’s no plan. We’re just going to figure it out one day at a time. That’s the plan,” Reyes said.

Since the fire, people from the community have stopped by to donate items, but the family says it’ll be a long road before they’re whole again.

“The main concern that I have right now is us being together and not separated,” said Reyes.

Reyes says she’s grateful her entire family was able to make it out of the fire unharmed. However, she also admits losing their home and everything inside including the children’s Christmas presents and pet lizard is a heartbreaking way to start the new year.

“I mean we don’t know. We have no idea where we’re going to go from here. We’re just going to take it one day at a time,” she said.

For now, some of the family is staying in a hotel for the week after a good samaritan put them up. While others are staying with relatives.

Unfortunately, the family says they didn’t have insurance.

The family has a GoFundMe page for those who would like to donate to help them out.

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