Houston-area residents react to latest stimulus package

Houston-area residents react to new stimulus checks
Houston-area residents react to new stimulus checks

HOUSTON – Houston-area residents have a lot to say about the latest stimulus package. Some say any little bit will help while others say it is not enough.

“I know friends and family members who this has affected,” says Crystal Williams.

Millions of Americans have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and millions are now without jobs. Some Houston area residents think this next round of $600 stimulus payments will help struggling families.

“I mean something is better than nothing right? I’m sure it will help those who are in a desperate situation. It’s something,” adds Williams.

But others think the new deal aimed at helping Americans through the first few months of 2021 is not even close to the amount of help people will need.

“I really don’t think it’s enough, there are lots of people who are hurting still who still don’t have jobs that didn’t get stimulus package from before. How is that going to make up for all the lost wages and the time you’ve taken off due to corona?” says Diana McGinty.

Some family say they are now losing faith things will get better anytime soon.

“I live in America it’s pretty stupid when other countries take care of their own people and we can’t even take care of our own,” says David McGinty.

The house of representatives is set to vote today to increase those $600 payments to $2000. The first stimulus checks set to come out next week.

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