Would Houston’s antibody testing study change current death rate?

HOUSTON – Is the coronavirus death toll in the city of Houston much lower than what’s being reported?

KPRC 2 is taking a new look at the data following the results of the cities antibody survey. Earlier this week, the city of Houston released the results of its program that involves taking blood samples from people and random Houston area homes.

They estimate 250,000 people have been infected with the coronavirus as of mid-September. When traditional viral testing had the number of infected people at just 57,000.

Of course, the city’s death toll has not experienced such a major change. That would mean, with many more cases, the death rate is smaller than previously thought.

But health officials said the answer to that is no, it will not change the death rate. City of Houston Health officials said it’s complicated, but it comes down to two different metrics: the case fatality rate and the infection fatality rate.

Dr. David Persse, director of emergency medical services for the city of Houston, said the recent antibody study across the city tested willing families for COVID-19 antibodies.

It was done to see how many people were really infected with the virus and survived.

Here’s what the study found:

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