Area hospital reports a ‘smooth start’ to the vaccination process

HOUSTON – Tuesday marked a monumental day in the fight against the coronavirus. Several area hospitals received the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and started the vaccination process.

The first five recipients in Houston were from Memorial Hermann’s COVID ICU, emergency departments, an infectious disease doctor and a respiratory therapist. Memorial Hermann was slated to receive more than 16,000 doses.

CEO and Director of Memorial Hermann Hospital Dr. David Callender said that he was pleased with the process and so far and everything has gone according to plan. Callender said that there have not been any reports of any issues and the first recipients are feeling well.

“None of them are reporting any significant side effects from what we’ve heard. A little soreness in the arm but that’s it,” said Callender. “It seems to be going well.”

Per CDC guidance, the first tier of hospital staff to receive the vaccine will be those in direct contact with coronavirus. Shipments of more drugs will be delivered in the coming days and need to keep coming since all of these recipients will need a second dose in 21 days.

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