MD Anderson receives its first doses of COVID-19 vaccine

HOUSTON – The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center received its allocation of COVID-19 vaccine early Monday, the hospital announced.

Here are photos of the vaccine reaching the facility.

Vaccine arriving at M.D. Anderson facilities. (The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center)
Vaccines on the the way to the M.D. Anderson pharmacy. (The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center)

“MD Anderson’s initial vaccination clinics will safely and efficiently vaccinate health care workers caring for highly immune compromised patients and those with increased risk of occupational exposure,” the hospital said in a news release.

MD Anderson, one of four hospitals in Texas to receive doses of Pfizer’s vaccine today, has received the shipment....

Posted by KPRC2 Haley Hernandez on Monday, December 14, 2020

Vaccination clinics are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, Dec. 16, to give employees time to become familiar with new information made available following emergency authorization.

In an interview with the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Welela Tereffe, she said they are not vaccinating staff before Wednesday to give them time to weigh the risks and benefits.

“Our approach has been to provide trustworthy information to support our employees making their own personal decision about vaccination and we’re continuing to do that,” Dr. Tereffe said.

However, she does believe the vaccine is going to help protect the majority of their patients and staff.

“I’d like to remind the public that this is the light at the end of the tunnel but it is not the end of the pandemic and that it’s very important that all of us continue to mask up, hand wash and social distance even if we’ve been vaccinated,” Dr. Tereffe said.