Local DJ’s Christmas lights show featuring Meg Thee Stallion’s song ‘Body’ goes viral

SPRING, Texas – A local man’s Christmas light show has gone viral with millions of views.

Frankie To-ong creates shows that match some of the hottest songs and people can hear the music on the radio near his home.

A video with a song by Houston-native Megan Thee Stallion garnered 4.2 million views and 800,000 likes.

“It just looks hilarious when you have little pixelated people doing that, so that’s what’s probably gotten the most attention so far,” said To-ong.

A video of To-ong dancing has 13.7 million views and 2.6 million likes.

He mainly features Houston rappers and Paul Wall even shot a music video in front of To-ong’s home.

His first video went viral in 2017.

“It was really during Hurricane Harvey time that my wife and I just decided to make a Houston mix. Something to uplift Houston,” said To-ong.

From a computer in his garage, he creates the show and works his magic.

“For about three minutes and 10 seconds, it took like six hours to program it.”

To-ong said it’s worth it.

“There’s more advanced things these days, it’s true, but creativity wins I think you know that’s what my moms always told me.”

The neighbors in his Spring neighborhood love it.

“It’s awesome. We look forward to it every year. It’s really really nice. The kids love it,” said Cristina Bondzio. “He’s like TikTok famous.”

To-ong doesn’t give out his address publicly out of respect to his neighbors.

People can enjoy the videos on social media only.

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