Trae the Truth, Relief Gang donate 100 Christmas trees, other holiday items to families in need

HOUSTON – Houston rapper and activist Trae The Truth stepped up in a big way to help families during the holidays. On Saturday, his non-profit, The Relief Gang gave Christmas trees to 100 families.

“2020 has been a real, real devastating year for a lot of people,” said Trae the Truth, whose real name is Frazier Othel Thompson III.

The giveaway was held at a parking lot on Emancipation Avenue near the BBVA Stadium and people started lining up at 6 a.m.

“We are giving out 100 Christmas Trees, ornaments, tree stands, COVID-19 kits with mask, sanitizer, gloves and our special ‘Mask Up’ that’s what we are doing today,” Trae The Truth said.

Volunteers from the Relief Gang were hard at work filling up trunks and backseats. Many families say they’re grateful for the help.

“We didn’t have a Christmas tree. This is our first year with a Christmas tree and I’m really excited,” Melissa Silver said.

“It’s a big blessing something unexpected and especially with the whole pandemic not being able to work it,” one woman said.

“It’s awesome it’s money we don’t have to spend. It’s money that we can use on gifts or toys for the kids,” Trenton Perkins said.

Trae the Truth says they’re going to continue to bless families in big ways this holiday season. On Wednesday, the Relief Gang is going to take families on a $10,000 shopping spree at Academy.

“I’m actually going to work in Academy that day it will be something different for me,” Trae the Truth said.

He says it means everything to him to bring joy to families.

“I know what people go through, I know their thought process, I know the pain that they go through. Every chance I get I’m going to make sure I’m big and make sure I take care of them” he said.