Search for suspect after Amazon van stolen at gunpoint

HOUSTON – As the Holidays arrive, package theft has increased in the Houston area. Well before the Christmas season, suspects targeted delivery drivers. In one case, they went after an entire Amazon truck.

In September, an Amazon driver was making deliveries at the Sunset Crossing Apartments at Beechnut and Wilcrest when he turned around and saw a man pointing a gun at him, officials said.

One of the suspects walked up to the driver with a pistol, drug him out of the vehicle and stole the van.

“The other defendant followed them out and they drove to one of their apartments and began offloading all the packages. And kept what they wanted and threw the rest n the dumpster,” said Assistant Harris County District Attorney, Sean Teare.

The armed suspect was identified as 22-year-old Dedrick Jacobs, prosecutors said.

Jacobs admitted to stealing the packages, according to police, and was arrested on the spot.

But another suspect, 18-year-old Jaylin Knox is still on the run. A month later, Knox was arrested for robbing a convenience store in Pasadena, and still not identified in the Amazon robbery, where he was released on bond, which was later revoked, prosecutors said.

Knox remains at large and police consider him armed and dangerous.

And police warn as we move into the holidays, expect package thefts and robberies to increase.

“Wherever you’re going to go, be aware that there’s a segment of our population that’s going to prey on those who aren’t self-aware, that arent looking out for their surroundings that aren’t being sure they arent being followed home,” Teare said.