Homeowner frustrated with Heights business’s blinking, blaring alarm

HOUSTON – There’s a loud alarm at a nearby business going off for minutes on end and at any given time, according to Hillory Shearer, who lives across the street from a commercial decorating business, Always in Season, in the Heights.

“Blinking lights and it is loud enough to where it hurts your ears on the inside of your home,” Shearer said.

Shearer took to social media to share her concerns not only about the alarm but about work crews she says are creating parking problems along the street. She says she is also worried about the large trucks at the business she says that are constantly backing up and beeping loudly.

”It’s been a really long time since I’ve had a good night’s sleep. Maybe since the last time I was in vacation in August, somewhere else,” said Shearer.

Peggy Viers, the Executive Vice President at Always In Season, said, “We contacted our security company and they’re planning to come on Friday at 2 o’clock to disconnect the ones outside.”

The business says they’ve now been in contact with the concerned homeowner and are working to address the issues. Besides having their alarm company disable the outside alarms, they’re also planning to do more.

”We’re going to have another meeting and talk to the guys about making sure that they’re quiet. We’re going to talk to our team about how can we not reverse and maybe go forward and forward out,” said Viers.

Both sides are also looking to move forward past any problems.

“I mean our goal is to be good citizens and our goal is to be good neighbors and we certainly try to be,” Viers said.

”We want to work together to make the Houston Heights the best neighborhood in Houston,” said Shearer.

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