Racist letter targets Black Santa

(KARK/NBC News) – An Arkansas man’s response to a racist letter he received after installing a Black Santa inflatable in his yard is going viral.

Chris Kennedy’s excitement for the holidays is mirrored in his North Little Rock front yard. Every year he plants messages of hope and love on display.

“I have this joy sign because that is what the holiday is, just a time for joy,” he says. “Go ahead and laugh. I want kids to smile.”

What puts a smile on many people’s face is an 8-foot-tall Black Santa that can’t be missed. Kennedy has been displaying the decoration for three years and that plenty of families and kids walk by it every single day.

“I’ve done this every year and haven’t had any issues,” he says.

Initially this year, there were no issues for Kennedy after he put up his decorations on November 1. Then on Monday, Kennedy received a letter he called racist, in which someone posing as “Santa” asked him to remove his Black Santa

“Please remove your [racial slur] Santa. You should not try to deceive children into believing that I am a [racial slur] the letter states.

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