Former coworker remembers Dinah Powers after Houston radio personality loses cancer battle

HOUSTON – Dinah Powers exploded across Houston’s airwaves when she won a competition to co-host the Rod Ryan Show on The Buzz in 2012.

However, Powers was much more than a radio personality in Houston. She was a friend, she was a daughter and she had a smile that could light up a room.

“We were better for having her in our lives, and not just us, the whole city,” said radio personality Theresa Rockface, who worked with Powers at The Buzz from 2012 to 2019.

Rockface wiped away her tears as she shared about the loss of her friend.

“I’m just heartbroken, just heartbroken she had so much more to give,” she said.

This summer, Powers was diagnosed with uterine cancer, Rockface said.

“Everyone’s world absolutely changed, we were hoping for the best,” she said.

Powers fought cancer and there were glimmers of hope, but she passed away after cancer reached her lungs.

“She was taken too young for sure and I think the thing that we all definitely have a hard time with here is that none of us could be with her,” Rockface said.

Due to restrictions at the hospital because of the pandemic, Rockface could only see Powers over FaceTime.

“Not being able to say goodbye was pretty hard but we know that she’ll always be a part of this family no matter what,” she said.

However, Power’s legacy will live on… although her life was cut short.

“People loved hearing her talk and tell stories,” she said.

While she was here, she gave a lot. Whether she was making you smile through the radio or helping with charities, Powers was here for Houston.

“She loved everybody and that’s what I want everybody to know,” said Rockface.

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