Houston Federation of Teachers pushing to see HISD move to virtual learning following Thanksgiving break

There is a push for HISD students to return to virtual learning.

HOUSTON – The Houston Federation of Teachers wants to see HISD move to virtual learning following Thanksgiving break.

Andrew Dewey with the Houston Federation of Teachers said the proposal is a wise and prudent choice for the district to make following the increase in COVID-19 cases in the area.

Dewey proposes that students return to virtual instruction beginning after the Thanksgiving holiday through the return in January. He said his concern is the growing numbers.

“There’s really no end in sight and with Thanksgiving holiday coming up this is about safety. HFT asked the district yesterday when school resumes that it be zoom only and keep the buildings closed,” Said Dewey.

This is a statement from HFT.

The current surge in COVID cases beginning in September is calling into question the wisdom of

opening schools for face to face instruction. We are now experiencing the beginnings of that surge

in the Houston area and with the start of the holidays there is no prospect that it will come to an

end any time soon. HFT is formally proposing that we return to virtual instruction beginning after

the Thanksgiving break through the return in January. If the safety of students and staff is the

primary consideration for HISD, this is the wisest and most prudent choice to make regarding

instruction. We understand the financial implications and hope that other districts start stepping

up to make the best decisions for students and staff despite the threats.

Both HISD and the Health Department Issued statements in response.

HISD Media Statement

Decisions about whether HISD returns to 100 percent virtual instruction would involve collaborative guidance from the district, City of Houston Health Department and Harris County Public Health authorities. We may also receive guidance from physicians and medical experts in the Texas Medical Center.

Houston Health Department

The Houston Health Department works closely with school districts to identify mitigation strategies that will allow them to evaluate their individual circumstances, examine available resources and then make the best decision for their institution. The department, with support from epidemiologists and environmental, health and safety and contact tracing subject matter experts, provides guidance on the best practices needed by school districts for a COVID-19 response.”

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