What the KPRC 2 team is thankful for this year

KPRC2's current building on Southwest Freeway.
KPRC2's current building on Southwest Freeway. (KPRC)

After a year like no other, KPRC 2 reporters and anchors share that they’re grateful for friends, family, community and the technology that’s kept everyone connected.

Frank Billingsley, chief meteorologist

“I’m thankful for Optimism and Happiness. Those two intrinsic values get us through life and we’ve never needed them more than this year. I am thankful they are part of the human make up and especially grateful to be in a country that so strongly encourages both of them.”

Lauren Freeman, anchor

“We have so much to be thankful for this year, I’m so grateful for my family and friends. As my 5 boys get older we just have more fun during holidays, trips, and day to day life. We appreciate the small things like baby giggles and riding our bike to get dessert. My husband and I are so happy together and can’t wait for more!”

Re’Chelle Turner, reporter

“I’m so thankful for my job and my family. I can’t thank KPRC enough for giving me the opportunity to tell stories across Houston! My family has supported me along the way and I love them so much.”

Vanessa Richardson, sports reporter

“This year especially, I’m thankful for technology. Sometimes, it can be annoying. But this year, everyone has had to be separated. I’m from Indiana so that’s where 90% of my friends and family are. During the 6 months I couldn’t go home, FaceTime and Zoom dates became a regular thing among my friends and family. My friends even held a Zoom party for my birthday in April!”

Kris Gutierrez, anchor

“My family has so much to be thankful for. We believe the Lord opened up a big door that brought us back to Houston. Our extended family is healthy and well. Plus we live in the best state, in the most powerful country in the world. God is good.”

Vincent Crivelli, reporter

“I am thankful that myself and my family have remained healthy during the pandemic. In 2021, I will become an uncle. So, I am thankful I have something to look forward to and 2020 is almost over!”

Mario Diaz, investigative reporter

“I’m thankful for teachers. Their return to the classroom was instrumental for the growth of tens of thousands of children. For the first time in months, many kids heard someone other than their parents praising them. That voice, coming in a face-to-face environment, pivotal for children as well as for many teachers. For me their return was another indication that we are moving ahead. It is why I am thankful for all of those teaching, whether in person or via a screen.”

Derrick Shore, “Houston Life” co-host

“2020 has been so many things: frustrating, slow, uncomfortable — but it’s also forced many of us to spend more time thinking about what matters most in life. For me, the extra time this year has underscored how grateful I am not only for my health but for the health of my family members and the people I love. Additionally, all the Zoom happy hours, birthdays, a wedding, even a virtual funeral have made me so grateful that technology has allowed us to connect across the miles and still spend meaningful time together — even though we’re not actually ‘together.’”

Khambrel Marshall, meteorologist, “Newsmakers” host

“I’m thankful for God and family in my life and good health. Thankful for good health and zoom, duo and facetime. Thankful for the spirit of eternal optimism passed on to me by my mother and father which allows me to wake up each day grateful for another chance.”

Syan Rhodes, anchor/reporter

“It’s something I’m thankful for every day and every year, but even more so this year as we find ourselves in a pandemic: my health and the health of my friends and family. It is the most precious thing we have which is why it is so important, despite how difficult it is, to not gather and celebrate as we normally do, we must make this sacrifice, to preserve everyone’s health and safety.”

Anavid Reyes, traffic reporter

“I am SO thankful for my husband and I’s health, my family’s health. I’m especially thankful for the love my family and I share for each other, I feel so incredibly blessed to share simple everyday life moments with them-- I don’t take any of those moments for granted. Also, can’t forget about the 5 little loves of my life--my fur babies bring me so much joy, I couldn’t imagine life without them!”

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About the Author:

Briana Zamora-Nipper joined the KPRC 2 digital team as a community associate producer in 2019. During her time in H-Town, she's covered everything from fancy Houston homes to tropical storms. Previously, she worked at Austin Monthly Magazine and KAGS TV, where she earned a Regional Edward R. Murrow award for her work as a digital producer.