Texas Medical Center doctors warn of alarming increase in COVID-19 cases

Health officials speak out amid rising coronavirus cases
Health officials speak out amid rising coronavirus cases

HOUSTON – Top doctors with the Texas Medical Center said there’s an alarming increase of COVID-19 cases in the Houston-area in the last few weeks.

“We’re seeing significant growth of this virus, significant number of more cases, and sadly hospitalizations of our sickest of patients,” said Bill McKeon, President and CEO of the Texas Medical Center.

McKeon said the medical center had 155 new hospitalizations for COVID-19 on Wednesday morning, which was a 43-percent increase from a month ago.

They were treating 300 COVID-19 patients at Houston Methodist Hospital locations alone, which was an increase from 200 eight days ago.

“We’re seeing the bulk of spread happen when people just let their guard down, when they’re in situations where they think they’re safe, and they get a little less careful and then unfortunately, some spread happens,” said Dr. Marc Boom, President and CEO of Houston Methodist Hospital.

But with the news of two possible COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, doctors said there’s hope in the future.

Still, the Houston-area faces a major challenge in the present, especially with the holidays approaching.

“We’ve got to double down with all the public health measures we’re all now familiar with, masking for everybody, all the time to protect me and so that I may protect you, social distancing, small groups recognizing the risks associated with congregate settings, even small family gatherings that can carry significant risks,” said Dr. Peter WT Pisters, President of MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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