Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia pushes for stronger COVID-19 response

Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia (D), received 71% of the vote in her re-election to represent the 29th Congressional District. She is a guest on this week’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall and says her win lets her continue to fight for the needs of her constituents, including a more aggressive response from state leadership in the COVID-19 crisis.

“They actually filed a lawsuit against the county judge for saying he wanted to shut down parts of his county," Garcia said, referring to State Attorney General Ken Paxton’s successful effort to halt the shutdown of El Paso non-essential businesses. "That is absolutely ridiculous. Every county knows its local needs better. We should let them do their job.”

Garcia talks about what more can and should be done, the optimism she feels with President-Elect Joe Biden heading to the White House and much more.

Click it or Ticket is back

Starting Monday, Nov. 16 until the end of the month, not buckling up could be a costly mistake! TxDOT is once again implementing its “Click it or Ticket” campaign during the holiday season to get more Texans to buckle up. Levingston Christian was living her best life in New York City when she heard the words.

"It’s breast cancer. Law enforcement will be stepped up,” said Deidrea George, TxDOT Public Information Officer for the Houston Region. “There will be more officers out on the roadways and the highways and they are specifically looking for those who are not buckled up and they will be issuing tickets. We hear story after story of people who have lost their lives because they have at some point in their car ride, whether it’s to take a selfie or whether it’s to pick up something in the car, and in those few minutes the crash happens and they lose their life.”

Cost of unfastened seat belt:

  • $200 for adults
  • $250 for children not restrained
  • 925 Texas deaths
  • 44 Houston deaths
  • 103 Serious Houston injuries

Minority Suppliers EXPO goes virtual

It is the largest minority business trade fair in Texas but this year the Houston Minority Supplier Development Council EXPO is going virtual. Ingrid Robinson is the president of the HMSDC and says because of COVID-19, the two-day event will not be in person but will still offer great opportunities.

"We’ll have virtual booths where minority businesses can go visit corporations from around the country and talk to them about their business, upload capability statements instead of handing them to them and learn about bid opportunities.”

To register go to www.expo.hmsdc.org or call (713) 271-7805.

More Information:

U.S. Rep Sylvia Garcia, (D), 29th Congressional District

· Website: https://sylviagarcia.house.gov/

· Twitter: @RepSylviaGarcia

Deidrea George, TxDOT Houston Division, Public Information Officer

· Website: https://bit.ly/3knNMOR

· Twitter: @TxDot

Ingrid Robinson, President, Houston Minority Supplier Development Council

· Contact: http://hmsdc.org/

· Twitter: @HoustonMSDC

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