‘Brings tears to your eyes’: Community steps up to support veteran-owned candy shop in The Woodlands

THE WOODLANDS, Texas – A candy shop in The Woodlands received an outpouring of support Friday as dozens of customers lined up outside.

“I think it’s awesome being that everybody’s trying to help out,” said customer Tina Wiedenhaupt.

The Candy House has been located at a shopping center along Glen Loch Drive for more than 20 years. As of late, the business has declined.

The pandemic only made things tougher for the 89-year-old owner Don Baker, a veteran and cancer survivor.

“Some days are great," Baker said. "Some days it slows, but that’s the way it works in a store like this.”

After a recent conversation with a customer about how things have been, the customer took to social media asking for the community’s help. The post has since gone viral, having been shared thousands of times.

“I don’t think there’s any other word to describe it besides pure joy,” said Danielle Cox, who created the Facebook post.

Another customer created a GoFundMe page, which has already raised thousands of dollars for The Candy House.

“It just brings tears to your eyes," said Summer Flower, who created the GoFundMe page. “It makes everyone so proud to live in a community that will come out and supports someone.”

Baker said the amazing show of support will certainly go a long way. The community’s effort has created a sweet success.

“It’s great," Baker said. “I never planned this in my life. I’m overwhelmed. I can’t say anymore. I’m overwhelmed.”

If you would like to support The Candy House, visit here.

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