Locals helping Hurricane Eta victims in Honduras

HOUSTON – Rocio Cardona said it breaks her to see the latest images coming from her home country of Honduras after it was devastated by Hurricane Eta just days ago.

“Really breaks my heart to see everything. It’s very hard to see all that,” she said.

Cardona admits it’s very tough to see the images and the reason why she wanted to help. She took to social media and started taking donations to send their way.

In the short time span of just three days, she’s already collected several bags of clothes, shoes and other much-needed items.

“We are thankful. We are very thankful because it’s tough times,” said Cardona.

Cardona said she’s thankful for the community who’s already donated and plans to mail everything off on Monday. She said the donations are going to a church in Honduras that’s she’s worked with before to help distribute.

As more and more images of the destruction continue to come in, many others desired the help those in desperate need.

Hundred of boxes of donations collected by the group Houston for Honduras at the Honduras Maya International, a restaurant in the 5900 block of Bellaire. The items will later be distributed to hurricane victims left devastated after Eta ripped through the country.

“Helping our compatriots over there in Honduras because it’s a grave situation over there right now,” said Victor Medina, one of the organizers of the group Houston for Honduras.

Organizers say they’ve already filled up more than three truckloads of donations and are now waiting on shipping containers to raise even more items to ship to Honduras next week.

“We’re going to be traveling over there with about five people so that we can distribute that we want to make sure that the people receive these donations,” Medina said.

Although over 11,000 miles away, many here in Houston say they will do whatever they can to support those impacted by the hurricane. And while the damage assessment is barely getting started, no doubt the help will be much-needed for quite some time.

“Countless tragedies. We don’t know yet how many people have lost their lives over there,” said Medina.

Organizers say they will continue to collect donations again starting this weekend before they head out of town.

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