Anonymous donor gifts $10 million to help students at Prairie View

PRAIRIE VIEW, Texas – The Prairie View A&M University received $10 million from an anonymous donor on Wednesday. The university said they plan to distribute the funds to juniors and seniors in need of financial assistance to stay in school and graduate on time.

“We are elated, excited and just blessed,” said Sarina Willis, the Vice President of Enrollment Management. “It’s just amazing. It tells us that we still live in an environment where those out in the community care about these students."

2020 has already been a different and challenging year for many students because of the coronavirus. Celeste Collins, a junior majoring in finance, said she’s doing her part to stop the spread of the virus.

“I am not able to go to face-to-face classes anymore,” she said.

Collins is one of many hoping to get some of the money from the anonymous donor.

“It will really help my family. We payout of pocket. So just taking some of the money off the table would really mean a lot. So whoever the anonymous donor is, I appreciate them for choosing PV,” Collins said.

The money will go through the school’s “Panther Success Grants” programs.

Junior and senior students will be awarded up to $2,000 each semester if they’re making satisfactory progress toward degree completion and are able to graduate within six years.

“It’s actually really exciting when I got the email, I was very excited,” Collins said.

The school says they will continue to strive for excellence and help students as much as they can.

“Every day we’ve been hearing the stories and reading the stories of what our students are going through, listening to parents and students who are not certain they are going to be able to return or make it through the semester and this will make a difference,” Willis said.

The university says they will continue to do this for all junior and senior students who meet the criteria until funds run out.

To learn more about the award process, click here.

We all know how expensive college can be for people and their families, but one person stepped up to help student at Prairie View A&M University in big way.

An anonymous donor gave $10 million to the university so juniors and seniors can stay enrolled in school and graduate on time.