Here are easy toll road mistakes that can cost you money

Here’s what you may be doing wrong --but don’t worry the good news is, you can fix most of scenarios online.

HOUSTON – Got a toll violation in the mail, even though you have an EZ tag?

Here’s what you may be doing wrong --but don’t worry the good news is, you can fix most of scenarios online.

For EZ TAG customers:

There are a few reasons customers may get violations, which can be readily easily resolved.

Below are the most common reasons an EZ TAG customer may receive an invoice in the mail for unpaid tolls, and how to avoid them:

· Did you get a new credit card? Customers often forget to update their EZ TAG account with the new info when their credit card company sends them a new card (because of expiration, fraud, etc.)

· Did you get a new car or license plate? A common reason customers get bills for unpaid tolls is because the customer’s new license plate number was not added to their EZ TAG account.

For cash customers/drivers without an EZ TAG account:

As of March 11, 2020, the Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) implemented “hands-free” toll collection to reduce potential exposure of both drivers and employees to COVID -19. Drivers without an electronic toll-payment method were advised to “Drive through, pay online.”

· If a driver without an EZ TAG did not make a payment online at they may have received an invoice for the tolls only (with no additional fees.)

· If a driver did receive an invoice for the tolls, they may make a payment on our website at

Another important reminder for cash customers is that they can now obtain an EZ TAG account for just $20 in prepaid tolls (for up to two vehicles) and no cost for the EZ TAGs (sticker tags) for up to eight (8) per account, and $2.00 for each tag thereafter. EZ TAG is always the most efficient way to pay tolls.

HCTRA encourages EZ TAG customers to manage their prefunded account 24/7 on or download the mobile app.

For any additional questions, you can always send an email at or call customer service at 281-875-3279.

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