Nehls plans to keep focus on constituents as he heads to Washington

Fort Bend County Sheriff Nehls heading to Congress
Fort Bend County Sheriff Nehls heading to Congress

Fort Bend County – Firt Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls is now also Congressman-elect Troy Nehls after a solid win in the race for Congressional District-22. Headed to Washington next week for freshman orientation -- Nehls said in addition to veteran and citizen mental health he’ll be focused on flood mitigation and infrastructure funds for District-22.

“I believe whatever side wins there’s probably gonna be a very large infrastructue bill,” Nehls said. “A stimulus package coming out of there to help stimulate the economy.”

In a hard-fought campaign that at times got personal Nehls said he never receved a congratulatory concession call from challenger Sri Kulkarni. But the two wound up at a meeting together earlier Friday and appear to have made amends.

“Believe it or not we shook each others hands and gave a hug,” said Nehls. “We moved on. We’re professionals.”

Nehls plans to spend three-to-four days a week in Washington but as much of his time will be in District-22.

“Making sure that I serve the constituents that put me in office,” he said. “And I’m never going to let them down.”

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