Search for guns and ammo stolen from police supply shop in Houston

HOUSTON – Harris County prosecutors filed additional charges against a 20-year-old Houston man accused of breaking into a police supply business and making off with a cache of guns.

The suspect is behind bars, but all but the weapons are still missing.

Sometime last Sunday, the suspect allegedly broke a window in order to break into the Central Police Supply, located at 1410 Washington Ave., just about a block from the old central police station

Prosecutors said the suspect stole 10 handguns, a shotgun, 500 rounds of ammunition and body armor.

Three days later, Houston Police and Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agents identified and arrested Guillermo Henriquez.

“They started working that scene immediately Monday morning and by Tuesday evening, we had the suspect in custody,” said ATF Special Agent-in-Charge Fred Milanowski.

Henriquez worked at the store briefly until he was fired last August after being arrested for discharging a firearm, prosecutors said.

Police were able to locate him after a store manager, who is related to him, reviewed the store’s security video after the break-in and identified Henriquez as the suspect.

“When they stopped him, we found one of the guns that was stolen. We found the mask he was wearing in the footage as he stole it and some other articles of clothing that directly tie him to this case," said Assistant Harris County District Attorney Sean Teare.

But the other stolen guns, the ammunition and body armor are still missing. And according to police sources, Henriquez isn’t talking

“One of the concerns is that he may no longer have them in his possession. He may have sold them on the street as so often happens,” Teare said.

Henriquez was initially charged with burglary and theft of a firearm after his arrest. On Thursday, new burglary and firearm charges were filed and he could also possibly face federal charges

Henriquez’s aunt declined to comment when contacted on Thursday.