Texas Republicans, Democrats make last push to get voters to polls

HOUSTON – It’s a tale of two parties and a last-minute push to get voters out to the polls.

“Our world is in trouble people y’all better wake up and vote for Donald J Trump because he’s the only president that can save this world,” Felicia Barkan said.

“This is a very critical election. It was set the direction of our country for years to come we need to get out and vote,” Rep. Sylvia Garcia said.

On Sunday, President Donald Trump supporters put on a big display with a parade that stretched across the 610 Loop.

“This rally is so important for the oil field and the gas industry my whole family is involved that’s the way we live,” Tammy Hye-Knudsen said.

On the other side of the aisle, Democrats said they are spending these critical last few days before the election, making sure people cast their ballots on Tuesday.

The Texas Democratic Party spokesperson Abhi Rahman issued a statement regarding Trump rallies in Houston:

Trump supporters can be as loud and block traffic all they want but the reality is that they are a dying party that is about to lose control on their grip of Texas. While they impede traffic and ruin Texans' Sunday’s, the Joe Biden campaign and the

Texas Democratic Party are calling and texting undecided voters, canvassing, and meeting voters where they are. The Trump campaign can be as loud and disruptive as they want. There are more of us than there are of them and we will beat them on Tuesday.

“The polls early this morning came out and showed that some of the swing states New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania. Trump was getting the lead in Florida ... yea it’s going to be awesome. It’s going to be an electoral landslide,” Craig Winfree said.

Some local Democrats even used the day of the dead to push people to the polls, saying the coronavirus pandemic should give them a reason to vote

State representative for District 145 Christina Morales said the virus has already killed hundreds of thousands and it’s important for the younger generation to get out and vote.

“Vote for those people who understand the needs of our community and how this pandemic has affected our community and represent the lives that were lost,” she said.