Klein ISD mom concerned with bus issues after son, other students left waiting in cold

Mother concerned with Klein ISD bus issues
Mother concerned with Klein ISD bus issues

SPRING, Texas – One mother is outraged after she says Klein Independent School District bus drivers left her son and seven other students waiting in the cold, two days in a row.

She said the regularly scheduled bus never showed up at their bus stop near Louetta Road and Candlecreek Drive in northwest Harris County.

“They could be kidnapped, someone could have an accident, that’s a major street,” said the mother, who needs to remain anonymous due to domestic violence issues. However, she wanted her voice heard.

The mother said on Thursday her 6th-grade son waited over 40 minutes, but the bus never came. She claims a bus only came to pick up her son after she hounded district officials and her son was over an hour late to school.

“The most frustrating part to me is the interruption in instruction and the safety,” the mom said.

On Thursday, she tried to be patient. She said she thought it might have been a fluke mishap. “Today (Friday) I just, I couldn’t even understand, it was happening again!” the mom said.

This time she was already at work and said the district would not pick up her son.

“I didn’t prepare for him to be at home, I didn’t make him a lunch … If he didn’t have a key today, he would be outside until I would have gotten there and that’s unacceptable,” the mother said.

She said the district needs to communicate with parents so they can plan accordingly, so no one’s children are left out in the cold.

“My message to Klein is that they have to change the way things are done immediately. There is no give, there is no take. When we are involving our children, when we are entrusting them with the safety of our children, they need to deliver,” said the mother of the student.

Klein Independent School District stated buses came both days approximately 35 minutes late. An official with the district said they were short-staffed due to bus drivers being out sick, in quarantine and on vacation.

The official went on to say they had 13 bus drivers out sick Thursday, which is a normal amount.

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