Family dog survives fall from moving truck on Westpark Tollway

HOUSTON – Zinger the Golden Lab is known for being sweet, loving and a bit mischievous but after falling from a moving pick-up earlier this week she’s hurting.

“The big deal is she shattered her knee, they wanted to amputate, that’s still in the air she’s in surgery right now,” said owner Austin Azinger.

The 7-year-old family pet fell out of the bed of her owner’s pickup truck as they were driving on the Westpark Tollway near the Beltway on Monday.

“I just got lazy and I didn’t lock the kennel with the key and somehow the vibration of the truck wiggled loose and next thing I know, there’s a lady flagging me down that my dog jumped out of my truck,” Azinger said.

Azinger said Zinger is alive thanks to the help of several good Samaritans, including a man named Wilson Cuartas who was able to stop traffic and get to Zinger once she had jumped out.

“He’s my hero, my family’s hero, my dog’s hero,” Azinger said. “I would say my dog was in his hands within 30 seconds.”

Zinger suffered several cuts and bruises but her shattered knee is the biggest concern and has required multiple surgeries.

Azinger said he’s been forced to take a small loan to help pay for the cost but believes he owes it to Azinger who he considers part of the family.

“Just pray for my dog please like I said, we’re fighting the amputation, I’m fine with a three-legged dog I just believe in her. It’s my fault so I don’t want to see her with three legs,” Azinger said.

Azinger’s family has set up a Go Fund Me account to help pay for the cost, if you would like to help, click the link.

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