Gov. Greg Abbott discusses possibility of deploying Texas National Guard across state on Election Day

HOUSTON – Gov. Greg Abbott discussed the possible deployment of the Texas Army National Guard across the state, including Houston on Election Day.

The governor said the decision on what cities troops would be deployed would be made on an “as-needed basis” but they would not be placed at polling locations.

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“I want to make sure, in the event that there are any protests after the elections are concluded, that we would have adequate personnel in place to make sure that we will be able to address any protests that would turn into riots,” Abbott said.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said the city doesn’t need troops, saying the department plans to have all hands on deck over the next few weeks.

“We don’t foresee a need for the national guard, but if he does that, that his prerogative as the governor but we don’t have any missions for them or anticipate any need for the national guard to be here in Houston and in most of the cities across Texas,” Acevedo said.

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