Family’s dog saved from massive house fire in soutwest Harris County

HOUSTON – A massive house fire broke out in southwest Harris County Wednesday morning near the intersection of Pouter and Gaby Virbo drives.

“The fire was coming down. I was ducking it, so for me to duck it with my kid and my family to get out of the house, it was amazing,” said mother, Stefanie Ekine.

The Ekine family made it out alive, but there was a problem-- their furry family member was still inside.

“Most of the roof is gone and in between the rain and the fire damage this is definitely a total loss,” said Chris Parrent, Public Information Officer of the Community Volunteer Fire Department.

Firefighters fought the flames as best they could as the home began to collapse around them. However, all Ekine could think about was if her dog could survive in those flames.

“I was screaming for my dog. He was downstairs. I didn’t know where he was, he wasn’t barking,” said Ekine.

Minutes dragged on into an hour, but still no dog, just fire shooting into the sky.

“They believe there is one pet inside, so we are still searching for the pet,” said Parrent. “They were just like ‘Have hope, he might be alive,’ and I was like, ‘There is no way because there’s just no way,’” said Ekine.

She lost hope, but then a firefighter approached her carrying a blanket, inside her beloved 8-year-old dog Oscar.

“I was just crying, I was overwhelmed, so I was thankful for his life being saved,” said Ekine.

Ekine thanks God for watching over her family.

“So that’s good news we are all alive, but we lost everything, but that’s okay, we are all alive so I am thankful that,” said Ekine.

Authorities said the Red Cross is now taking care of the Ekine family. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

You can donate to the family at GoFundMe.com.

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