Texas senate hopeful MJ Hegar optimistic about uphill fight

HOUSTON – MJ Hegar knew it would be an uphill battle to unseat Senator John Cornyn. The Dallas Morning News poll for Sunday has Cornyn leading by a 42% to 34% margin. Other polls show a tighter race.

But Hegar says the polls don’t tell the true story, and that Democrats have been working hard to help her be competitive.

“We’re having a voter surge," she said. "We’ve added nearly two million voters to the registry since 2016 and turnout is incredible despite the fact that we are the state that has the most restrictive voting process. We have the most voter suppression in the country here in Texas but Texans don’t take kindly to that.”

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Triple negative breast cancer diagnosis serves as inspiration

Lyndsay Levingston Christian was living her best life in New York City when she heard the words: “It’s breast cancer.” She was diagnosed with a triple negative breast cancer, an aggressive form that is more common in Black women.

To take on aggressive cancer, Christian fought it with aggressiveness and now is using that experience to develop a social media platform called Sur-Thrivor.

She says the site is designed to help those dealing with life-changing negative news to look forward to a positive outcome.

“It’s not just during the month of October that we’re ringing the bell to signify the completion of chemotherapy. It should happen year round that we’re having these conversations so that we’re aware of what’s happening in our bodies," she said.

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