Couple in their 70s injured in massive fire at home in northeast Houston, officials say

One person is recovering in the hospital after a massive blaze broke out at a home in northeast Houston Thursday, firefighters said.

HOUSTON – A couple in their 70s is recovering after a massive blaze broke out at a home in northeast Houston Thursday, firefighters said.

Officials said a fire started at a home located in the 13300 block of Lake Terrace Drive around 10 p.m.

Upon arrival, firefighters said there were heavy flames and smoke coming from the garage area of the home.

According to firefighters, there were no fire hydrants in the area, so after two minutes, HFD ran out of water. Officials said the fire spread to multiple cars and a boat and then into the main house.

Houston firefighters said they requested mutual aid with Sheldon and Crosby and had to use tankers to get water. The fire took about an hour to tap out, officials said.

The homeowners' son, who was staying here, says around 10 p.m. his dad knocked on his door and said there was a fire in the carport area.

As soon as he rushed to get out of the home, he says the screen door melted.

Smoke surrounded him within seconds and he couldn’t see anything.

He says he put on his face mask and got down below the smoke until crews pulled him to safety.

“I never experienced anything like that being in a fire. People say, ‘Why didn’t he get out of the home?’ It happened too quick. Within 15 seconds, the whole entire front of the home was inescapable,” says the couple’s son, Bobby Hurman.

Hurman’s mother and father both suffered burns. His mother had to be sent to the hospital but is expected to be okay.

Hurman says he and his father think it could be electrical but fire investigators are still looking for an exact cause.

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