Galveston ISD set to install ‘COVID-killing’ air filtration technology in schools

'COVID-killing' air filtration technology
'COVID-killing' air filtration technology

GALVESTON – With students across the Houston area now back in school for in-person learning, school districts across our area are exploring options in an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Galveston Independent School District has partnered with Houston-based Integrated Viral Protection with plans to install more than 100 biodefense indoor air protection units throughout its 12 campuses and other facilities.

“This invention will kill COVID-19,” IVP CEO Monzer Hourani said.

The science behind the air purification units is somewhat technical but the company said the air filtration system has been tested and proven to kill the virus that causes COVID-19 by circulating the air that goes through the system through heated super-conducting filters.

“I don’t even call it a test case. We’re like a case study for the effectiveness of these units. We’re very much looking forward to that,” said Keilli Moulton, Galveston ISD Superintendent.

The system outputs cool, clean air that is virus-free, according to the company. They said one unit can clean a single area 10-12 times an hour.

“This is not just for COVID. This is for the overall health of all of our students. We know what they’re in school they learn more, they learn better. Same with our staff. we want to protect them as well,” Moulton said.

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