8-year-old starts Youtube channel to help kids learn computer skills

When virtual school started up earlier this year, one 8-year-old helped her friends figure out how to do things like ZOOM and virtual learning. One Kingwood third grader is an online teacher of sorts, to get kids excited about computer technology.

Caroline Gross does something most kids dream about. She has her own YouTube Channel. Complete with an eye-catching unicorn rainbow logo, at the “Coding with Caroline” page kids learn how to do basic computer coding.

What is computer coding for kids?

“Coding is simply telling a computer how to do something,” explains dad and computer expert Adam Gross, “You give it instructions, like writing an instruction sheet for a computer to follow.”

Caroline and her dad work together to get the videos up on her channel.

“First I write down a script I think what I am going to say, my dad corrects it and then I just say it in the microphone,” explains Caroline.


“When we start recording, she will walk through the process and read her script - it helps her build skills along the way,” said Adam.

At Caroline’s page, kids can learn how to create their own video games or virtual dancing worlds.

“To do the dance party thing it’s really fun,” laughs Caroline. “You get to see all the dancers move around.”

Coding gets interactive with a coding robot Caroline also uses. The robot comes to life after Caroline coded the moves from her computer. Her little brother and sister get in on the action too.

“They seem to really like it, they like to watch me code it,” said Caroline.

How could computer coding help kids learn?

Learning computer coding skills that could help students in many ways.

“When children learn how to code they get to learn math, logic, and critical thinking,” explains Adam. “Coding opens the door for a wide variety of skills.”

Computer coding lays the groundwork for an understanding of computers that can help with many different careers.


Free Coding Classes

Of course, Caroline’s Youtube page is free to use. We’ve also found a few other kid coding classes you can take online if you are interested.

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