How you can watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez play ‘Among Us’ in online streaming match

Hosting the match to encourage people to vote

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, commonly known as AOC, has become known by the nation as an outspoken young woman with strong opinions and the lipstick to match.

Not one to shy away from bold statements and viral content, Cortez is back in the internet’s spotlight to help encourage people to get out and vote.

The U.S. representative shared a post on Twitter saying she would be streaming herself playing “Among Us,” on Twitch — a platform primarily used for streaming video games.

Her choice of game is likely very intentional because in the highly popular mobile and online game, there is 1 to 3 “imposters” and the other players must work together to vote out the imposters in order to win.

Big-time streamers like Greg Miller, DrLupo, Neekolul, Felicia Day, and James Charles, Pokimane and HasanAbi have all replied to her post and jumped in to volunteer.

Cortez shared a follow-up tweet saying she had set up her Twitch account and is planning on streaming Tuesday night. However, her Twitch page is not showing a confirmed schedule.

Anyone interested in watching the stream can go to

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