Houston real estate agent accused of invasive visual recording of 2 women

Prosecutors say more alleged victims have come forward

HOUSTON – Houston real estate agent David A. Nettles is accused of secretly recording photos or videos of two women he recently dated and then sharing them with friends and online. Nettles is the owner of Nettles & Co., a commercial and residential real estate firm.

One of the alleged victims is Courtney Lynn Patel. She said she dated Nettles in May and June of last year. During that time, she said she received sexually explicit photos of other women she had not asked for, and then learned that explicit photos of her had been sent to men and women she didn’t know.

“I was not aware he even took the photo," she said. "And then he proceeded to share that photo out with someone I did not know. This person contacted me via Facebook and informed me this photo was sent to her.”

Nettles was arrested Tuesday and released on $5,000. bond. He is charged with two counts of invasive visual recording.

However, prosecutors believe there are more victims.

“We’re investigating right now at least one sexual assault involving Mr. nettles. We’re also looking at a number of other victims of the exact same type of crime he’s charged with right now,” said Sean Teare, the Assistant District Attorney of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

Teare said at least four other women have come forward and investigators are trying to determine if there are others.

“Anyone seeing this who is a victim or knows of a victim of Mr. nettles is encouraged to call the Houston Police Department or D.A.'s office,” he said.

In August, a group was established on FaceBook called “Surviving David A. Nettles,” which was established as a support group for women who believe they’ve been abused or harassed by Nettles. It currently has 144 members.

KPRC 2 reached out to Nettles for comment, but he referred us to his attorney who has not yet returned our call.