Navasota ISD to discontinue online learning option, students will return to face-to-face learning Oct. 20

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NAVASOTA, Texas – Navasota Independent School District has decided to discontinue its online learning options for students starting Oct. 20.

The district said students will return to face-to-face, on-campus instruction after the school board’s meeting Monday night.

The board determined it would be best for students, teachers and administrators to return due to low attendance rates and grades of students learning online compared to on-campus learners. District officials said that its campuses will be cleaned and disinfected to ensure the safety of all students and address health concerns.

Here are the following start times for each campus:

- High school: 8:05 a.m. with drop off beginning at 7:35 a.m.

- Junior high: 8:15 a.m. with drop off beginning at 7:45 a.m.

- Brule & Webb Elementary: 7:45 a.m. with drop off beginning at 7:15 a.m.

- High Point Elementary: 7:30 a.m. with drop off beginning at 7 a.m.

District officials said they have placed certain protocols if there is ever an event of a confirmed positive COVID-19 case. If a student at Navasota ISD was to test positive for the virus or came in close contact with some with has tested positive, district officials said they will be asked to quarantine and remote learning instructions will be provided during their quarantine.

The district’s superintendent, Stu Musick, released the following statement for parents who opt out of in-person learning for their children:

It is our sincere hope that your child will continue to participate in the learning opportunities at Navasota ISD. However, for families who may choose to not have their child(ren) return to on-campus learning, there are other options available. A parent may choose to withdraw their child to home-school. Parents may also choose to transfer their child to another school that is currently offering remote instruction. If a family selects one of these options, please contact the child’s campus to complete the required paperwork indicating your decision for your child’s continued education.

The district appreciates the input shared by families, teachers, and administrators in helping reach the decision that will best serve the learning needs of the children in our community. Thank you for your support and understanding as we continue to educate amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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