Woman saves toddler who ran onto busy freeway’s exit in middle of night in Fort Bend County, officials say

CINCO RANCH, Texas – Imagine driving about 50 miles an hour, exiting from one busy roadway to the next, and you come almost face-to-face with a toddler about to run onto that road.

That’s what happened to Ms. Davis, who didn’t want her full identity revealed, Sunday at 9:30 p.m. the Westpark Tollway and Grand Parkway interchange in Fort Bend County near Cinco Ranch.

“I hit the brakes really hard,” Davis said. “It frightened him, He was crying, he was hysterical.”

After stopping her vehicle, Davis and her husband grabbed the little boy and placed him inside their vehicle -- even as other cars continued to drive by at normal speeds.

“I kind of knew where he was coming from and by him being non-verbal at that moment, I knew the worst thing to do was to keep talking to him, scaring him,” Davis said. “Didn’t know what was going on.”

They called 911 and then took the child to a nearby emergency room. After deputy constables showed up at the scene, they noticed some adults next door at the Harmony Science Academy. Officials were able to locate the child’s mother, who had been cleaning the building on the second floor and had left the child downstairs in the care of a couple of teens.

Deputies said those teens stepped away, the child woke up and wandered out the door onto the road.

Davis said she is thankful she was there to help and thankful he was reunited with his mother.

“That’s a true blessing. It makes me happy, I can sleep,” she said. “Because I didn’t sleep because I was like, ‘What if they just dropped this kid off?’ I was thinking some of everything.”

CPS was called to the ER where the boy was determined to be in good health. CPS released the child to the mother pending its open investigation for neglectful supervision.

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