Several shots fired at family leaving birthday party at Skateworld in Deer Park, police say

DEER PARK, Texas – Deer Park police are investigating a shooting that happened Thursday night in the parking lot at Skateworld.

Police said three to four people pulled up in a white sedan and fired several shots at guests who were there for a birthday party.

J Malone is the owner of Skateworld in Deer Park and says the incident left him upset.

“It could have been a whole different story very easily,” Malone said.

He said this is not how they handle business and do not tolerate any violence.

“This skating rink has been here since the mid 70′s,” Malone said.

Over the last few decades, Malone said he’s never had any problems.

“Nothing in the magnitude of what’s going on,” he said.

Malone said things quickly changed when a family left a private birthday party at his business Thursday night.

“They walked out in the parking lot, somebody drove through, shot at them and drove off,” he said.

He said it was crazy and sounded like someone beating on a wall.

“It was done in 10 or 15 seconds it was over,” Malone said.

Customers were inside when it happened, but no one was hurt.

“Why would you come to a skating rink where there are kids. I don’t think there were kids outside. I don’t really know the story with their group. I know there were people coming in but why,” he said.

Malone said the incident will not stop them from doing business. Skateworld in Deer Park will be open from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday.

“We are still A1 and the spot to go to,” Malone said.

Police said the intended victim is not a resident of Deer Park and was specifically targeted.

Deer Park Police said the investigation is on-going and if you know anything give them a call at 281-479-1511.