Houston Newsmakers: Jackson Lee runs for 14th term in Congress

Trump Covid Diagnosis, Covid Relief, Voter Suppression

In thirteen previous elections to represent the 18th Congressional District, the opponents of U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D) 18th, have averaged 19% of the vote. Republican Wendell Champion is the opponent November 3rd. Jackson Lee says she’s worked hard to keep her job. “I’m the person who faces a pandemic or epidemic or crisis and responds to her constituents. It’s that experience that really counts,” she said. “As the senior member of Homeland Security, that’s why I’ve been able to open 33 testing sites way before the President or anyone was pushing for testing.

Also this week, reaction to:

--President Trump Diagnosed with COVID 19

--Covid 19 Stimulus Bill and why it remains an urgency

--Gov. Abbott’s order to cut number of mail in ballot sites

--Election Security & a HOUSTON NEWSMAKERS EXTRA**

Crime Stoppers Celebrates 40 Years!

It’s been an amazing journey for Crime Stoppers of Houston. What started as a tip line to help put criminals away has grown into so much more. Rania Mankarious is CEO of Crime Stoppers of Houston. “We are your neighborhood non-profit public safety organization,” she said. “We are actively addressing every safety issue, every safety concern you have. We do it proactively. We work hand in hand with law enforcement to solve some of those difficult cases. Hand in hand with media and the community.” As a part of the celebration Dateline NBC Correspondent Andrea Canning will be a special guest. That information is here: https://bit.ly/33qVdPX

How do you find your center after the bottom falls out?

Depression can literally cause you to question what’s the reason for living. Pastor Juanita Rasmus faced the challenge head on and wrote the book “Finding Your Center After the Bottom Falls out.” The co-pastor of St. Johns United Methodist Church in downtown Houston says her re-connected relationship with GOD helped her ask the right questions of herself. What do I want as it relates to time, money and freedom? What do I want in my vocation? How do I want to serve the world? What do I want in my relationships? How do I want to be present to those I love and to those who love me?"

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More Information:

U.S. Rep Sheila Jackson Lee, (D) 18th Congressional District

· Website: https://jacksonlee.house.gov/about/full-biography

· Twitter: @JacksonLeeTX18

Rania Mankarious, CEO, Crime Stoppers of Houston

· Website: https://crime-stoppers.org/

· Twitter: @CrimeStopHOU

Pastor Juanita Rasmus, Author: Finding Your Center After the Bottom Falls Out

· Website: https://stjohnsdowntown.org/

· Phone: 713-659-3237

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