'We didn’t really hear the issues’: Houstonians have mixed reactions after Trump and Biden’s first debate

HOUSTON – Many in Houston said they were left scratching their heads after watching the fiery and tumultuous exchanges during the first presidential debate.

“It wasn’t a good showing for America,” said Chad Thompson. “It looked like two senior guys who didn’t have the ability to argue or make their points in a professional or diplomatic manner.”

“It was comical, just a big joke,” said Aaron Poscovsky.

Houstonians said that the topics on healthcare, the economy and COVID-19 got lost in the scuffle and President Trump and Democratic Challenger Joe Biden both fell flat.

“We didn’t really hear the issues and I don’t think it really helped people who are undecided to make a good decision,” said Thompson.

The next debate is scheduled for Oct. 15. Voters like Chasity Herbert said that they need more clarity from both candidates on their chiding for the country.

“Right now I’m still so confused as to which direction I’m going to vote. It is horrible to think that these are our options," Herbert said.

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