Rape investigation leads to more charges as men impersonate as police officers to intimidate victim

Rape investigation leads to more charges
Rape investigation leads to more charges

HOUSTON – A Houston man was charged with tying up and raping his long-term girlfriend.

Now, Winrock Hill is accused of convincing two of his friends, one of them a relative of his, to portray themselves as police officers and to try and trick his victim into dropping all charges against him.

“This man was trying to go after the victim and the witnesses of his crimes and trying to intimidate them into dropping the charges," said Sean Teare, a prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

Prosecutors say Hill tied up and raped his girlfriend repeatedly over several days last April. Once she finally escaped, they say she contacted police and Hill was arrested for rape.

Now, months later, investigators allege that Hill convinced two other men to pose as police officers to his victim’s house and try to frighten her into dropping all charges.

“Two individuals approached the victim at her home with her family," Teare said. “One of the individuals we have charged was dressed like a Houston police officer and he tried to force this woman to agree to sign a document that would drop all charges against her attacker.”

Police charged Marcus Wayne Willis with impersonating a police officer. He is being held on a $25,000 bond.

The accomplice in the crime, who is directly related to Hill, was detained and questioned but ultimately released.

More charges are expected to be filed against Hill in the coming days. The other man in this crime is expected to be charged and arrested in the days to come.

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