Residents in Pearland cleaning up after flood damage

PEARLAND – The rain may be gone, but the water hasn’t quite receded in some Houston neighborhoods. There is streets filled with water as some of Houston’s bayous went over their banks when Tropical Storm Beta delivered the downpour.

The intersection of Longwood and Myrtlewood drives in Pearland looks like an island because it’s surrounded by water, which has started to recede.

Many homeowners are starting the clean-up process.

“Heck yea, it’s frustrating. Luckily I don’t have anything else to do luckily. I know what to do,” Chuck Stasny said.

Stasny said he spent Wednesday morning cleaning up his yard and pressure washing his garage.

“Oh, there was almost a foot of muddy water that ran through my garage,” he said.

The back part of his home is surrounded by several feet of flood water from the Clear Creek.

“The ditch is right on the other side of that it’s probably at least 12 foot deep. From upstairs it looks like a live in a lake house a dirty lake house,” Stasny said.

Inside the garage, his tool boxes, treadmills and other supplies are stacked on top of crates.

“All the walls have to be tore out and everything to prevent mold and mildew,” he said.

Stasny said he has lived in Pearland for two years and said the flooding has only gotten worse.

“I’m on the creek. You should expect some of that kind of stuff but it’s getting where it floods less and less upstream raining,” he said.

Stasny says he has flood insurance and he’s waiting on an inspector to look at the damage.

Across the street, Hugo Olmedo is removing everything from a home he just built.

“Right now, I’m having a hard time thinking,” he said.

Olmedo just finished remodeling his home on Myrtlewood.

“I bought it after Harvey, and I finished it about 4 to 6 months ago.”

On Wednesday, his home was surrounded by water from the Clear Creek.

“I’m a little frustrated. It’s just a lot of water," he said. “I think the city or the drainage department are not doing their job or something.”

About 8 inches of water made it inside the home, damaging appliances and furniture.

“Pretty much everything base boards, all my cabinets, all the beds,” he said.

Olmedo and his family were forced to leave.

“I wanted to stick around we actually put a lot of time and money into it. I was hoping the water would not rise to the floor, but it did,” he said.

Now, his family is cleaning up, removing the sheetrock and starting over on a home they just re-built.

“I think we are going to be seeing more of these and that worries me a lot,” he said.

Olmedo also had water damage to his guest home next door.